USTA Midwest Section
1310 East 96th Street, Suite 100
Indianapolis, IN 46240
317-577-5130 (Phone)
317-577-5131 (Fax)




P:  317-577-5130  |   F:  317-577-5131
USTA/Midwest Section
1310 E. 96th Street, Suite 100
Indianapolis, IN  46240
Executive Division
Mark Saunders Executive Director 317-669-0442
Mary Pat Kalbas Executive Administrative Assistant 317-669-0441
Finance and Administration
Dorian Dyson Director, Finance and Administration 317-669-0471
  Jennifer Conley Manager, Finance and Human Resources 317-669-0472
  Tami Carnes Controller 317-669-0473
  Karen Sefton Controller 317-669-0474
  Cyd Raduchel Financial Analyst I 317-669-0476
  Liz Slate Coordinator, Finance and CTA 317-669-0475
Kylie York Coordinator, Finance and Operations 317-669-0466
Community Tennis
Jim Amick Director of Sales, Industry Relations and Client Services 317-333-3560
Tennis Service Representative, Indiana & Southern Chicago 317-669-0457
  Greg Boyd Manager, Community Tennis 317-669-0448
  Jim Amick Tennis Service Representative, Ohio & West Virginia 317-333-3560
George Lowe Tennis Service Representative, Michigan 317-333-3558
Bret Schrama Tennis Service Representative, Illinois 317-333-3559
  Brandon Smith
Diversity Specialist
  Tyson Thompson Coordinator, Youth Community Tennis 317-669-0463
Erika Wentz-Russell Tennis Service Representative Manager, Wisconsin & Northern Chicago 317-333-3556
Tennis Programming
Adult Programs  
  Diane Ansay Director, Adult Tennis 317-669-0451
Zoy Avgerinos
Coordinator, USTA League (Mixed 18 & Over, Mixed 40 & Over, 
Adult 55 & Over) and Adult Recreation
Steve Wise
Coordinator, USTA League (Adult 18 & Over, Adult 40 & Over)
and Tennis On Campus
Junior Programs    
Chad Docktor Director, Junior Tennis 317-669-0445
Kimberly Hartzel Coordinator, Junior Tennis Participation 317-669-0446
Olivia Pursell Junior Tennis Development Administrative Assistant 317-669-0456
Jenny Reifeis Coordinator, Junior Team Tennis 317-669-0447
Marketing, Membership, and Communications
John Kolner Director, Marketing, Membership and Communications 317-669-0461
Matt Gottfried Coordinator, Digital Media 317-669-0462
Tracy Maymon Coordinator, Communications 317-669-0464
USTA/Midwest Tennis & Education Foundation  
Mark Saunders Executive Director 317-669-0442
Dorian Dyson Chief Operations Officer 317-669-0471
Kathy Dalla Costa Director, Grants and Scholarships 317-669-0465
Heather Brownell Director, Development and Governance 317-669-0455


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