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Start/ReStart Tennis


Beginner Tennis

Whether you have never held a racquet or have not played in years, this is the perfect tennis program for you.  The Start/ReStart Tennis program introduces new adult players and welcomes back past players at the beginner level.  This program teaches technique, builds skill, and gets you ready for the next steps of your tennis game.


Start/Restart Tennis

The key to a successful adult beginner program is the opportunity for participants to have early success which leads to a more enjoyable experience.  

Start/Restart Tennis achieves this by mixing traditional beginner drills with modified equipment which ensures that participants will grow confident in their abilities by being able to rally and have more control of their game earlier on in their tennis experience.

If you are looking for a program just right for new players, players returning to the game, or those who can not play on a traditional sized court, the Start/ReStart Tennis program is geared to fit with what your venue needs.

Have a question? Contact Zoy Avgerinos at or 317-669-0443.


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